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by Real Numbers

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Three Dimensional Records

"Man-sized EP from the Real Numbers, bringing yesterday's sounds of the UK to the Minnesota of today. It's a formula that works wonders via its simplicity. You can't escape an aw-shucks Boys Club comparison, as this thing does have some of the awkward charm of that band, but Real Numbers are a step ahead of their brethren in both the confidence and technical proficiency categories. They're working with a real clean template here, upbeat and peppy post-punk DIY-isms, bass driven, plucky guitar, a real everyman-boy vocal approach that grounds the songs in reality. Plenty of Anglo-pop ambition that really gets in your head, "Might I See You Tonight" is the hit, "Boats & Cars" and "No Exceptions" cleverly deliver something far more elaborate than you think they can pull off. They really make the most out of the format as well, all eight songs are worth the vinyl, whereas a less smart outfit might have just thrown everything they had on the wax and called it a mediocre LP instead of an exceptional EP. Very wise. I guess people are putting some TVPs reference on this, and I guess I see it spiritually and in the general uncorrupted purity of the aesthetic for sure, and I find nods to Carpettes-esque punk-pop or Pooh Stick-ish pop-rock as well. I swear he slips a little British accent in there once in a while, but maybe it's just the admirable attention they paid to the aesthtic playing tricks with my ears. Well written, well designed, played and recorded with just enough skill, keeping it loose but not sloppy at all. Honestly, a legitimately fun record to listen to. Only 300 copies with an excellent silkscreen and design sense that enhances the retro-current sounds." (RK) -Terminal Boredom


released May 21, 2010



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Real Numbers Minneapolis, Minnesota

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