Tear It In Two

by Real Numbers

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Floridas Dying Records

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Three minutes of Power Pop perfection from Minneapolis, a town obviously known for its ability to channel vintage New Zealand (of course). Real Numbers hit all the right notes, without sounding precious, or like the overstuffed ponces that often make up their paint by numbers genre. The recording is thin, rough and earnest enough to keep it out of the glossy, cloying territory. Packed with hooks and over in a blink, both songs are infectious and memorable, bursting with an earnest charm, and driven by bouncy, driving, bass lines. With all power pop you’ll know immediately if you want to keep it or not, and I keep flipping this. This single is a good step up from their worthy LP, and I look forward to anything to come. Get it.
(Killedbyjeff) - STILL SINGLE

Round [four] of vintage UK DIY/power-pop straight outta Minnesota. Bouncing basslines, electrified tin guitar, sing-song vocals, factory-made hooks. Both tracks hit the spot, "Tear it In Two" is the TVPs-styled pop hit, but I'm more partial to the nervous energy of "Pinckney St." and its "shredding" solo. A real good time, so upbeat it hurts. A nice little companion piece to the 12". Scum stats: limited version on yellow vinyl comes with a silk-screened sleeve, featuring more European automobile artwork. I've not seen such tenacious dedication to an aesthetic since the glory days of Japanese practicioners of the replicant arts like First Alert or Tweezers. Absolutely impeccable and essential. (RK) -Terminal Boredom

After checking out this brand new 7″ from REAL NUMBERS, I was immediately upset it took me this long to come across them. Thanks to Florida’s Dying we have this new 7″, as well as other past releases from the likes of Bachelor and Three Dimensional Records. This new one here doesn’t even make it past the four minute mark, but that’s all part of the power-pop approach. The songs are short, ridiculously sweet, and they somehow manage to be charming all at the same time. The ecstatic guitars are tinny and metallic from the lo-fi quality, featuring as much jangle and mind-infiltrating hooks as possible. The throbbing bass lines gurgle and bounce beneath the surface, and it all comes full circle in the last twenty seconds of “Tear it in Two” with vocal harmonies to tie it all up. B-side “Pinckney St.” includes more of what these guys are best at, like hair-raising guitar shrieks paired up with more trembling bass lines that are as catchy as they are frantic. This thing ends way quicker than you would ever hope, as they plow through both of the songs leaving you begging for more – which is part of the reason I left you with the links to Three Dimensional below. Now get on that. -styrofoamdrone


released March 13, 2011



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Real Numbers Minneapolis, Minnesota


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